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Dedicated to excellence in fitness; armed with a heart of service. 
Meet our trainers!
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Yann Gonin

senior trainer

Experienced certified sports nutritionist, health and wellness trainer, with over 10 years and 8000 hours of experience as a personal trainer, swimming coach, and sports management, Yann has helped many individuals of different fitness needs reach their wellness goals. Through proper nutrition and training techniques, he seeks to empower his clients to attain their best state of fitness. 

Fun fact:

 A lover of pizza, he enjoys his toppings before the base of his pizza.

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Owner & Senior Trainer

Jonas specialised in swimming from a young age. Certified with a Master and 2 bachelors in sports sciences.

Combining his technical knowledge in sports and his love for teaching, Jonas became a personal trainer. Seeing the improvement in his clients' physique brings great joy to Jonas. As such, he is constantly learning more about fitness to better serve his students.


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Arianna was a dancer for a theater company who fell in love with functional training while preparing for the Spartan race. Interested in helping her friends reach their fitness goals just as she did, she began coaching. Invigorated by the positive results observed through this experience, Arianna made a career switch to becoming a personal trainer.


Fun fact:

Once a week, this foodie may be observed enjoying her burgers and fries.




Having always been passionate about sports, Romain has experience in both individual and team sports. His desire to understand sports better led him to specialise in sports science as a college major. Constantly striving to push his limitations, he seeks to train better and be a better version of himself each day. He hopes to empower others with this spirit of improvement so that they too can achieve their life goals.


Fun fact:

This coach greatly appreciates quality wine and cheese.

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