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Empowering individuals to achieve and sustain their life goals

WE Swim 
WE Box

A great core workout which helps our clients with fat loss  with the added bonus of learning some 

self-defence basics. 

Goal-oriented private swimming classes focusing on proper technique and execution. 

WE Train 

Structured weights training that pushes your physical boundaries to achieve and sustain your body goals. 

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Better state of mind


Improved fitness


Increased knowledge

about fitness and 


How our private trainings are structured:
Catered to your schedule. Held in the comforts of exclusive facilities or your own home.
Proper exercise techniques to prevent injuries.
Accurate education of dietary balance instead of overly strict meal plans or crash diets.
Start building your own Wellness Equilibrium today!

Thank you! Our staff will reach out to you soon!

Our story

Founded in 2019, Wellness Equilibrium has since provided quantified and structured training. Rather than dictating how clients' lifestyle changes through frigid mealplans, we seek to empower clients with knowledge. The knowledge of proper technique and mindset infrastructure when approaching food. Imparting with them sustainable long-term improvements in their bodies and lifestyle choices. 

As we grew, we seek to honor our clients' unique needs- this sets the foundations for our methodologies and why we seek to provide a variety of activities to answer to different clients' demands. Our training programme and nutritional advice are highly personalised to each individual needs. By doing so, we hope that clients can enjoy the process of building their own Wellness Equilibrium without guilt and compromise of their lifestyle needs. 

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